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ZoomText Magnifier Reader USB

  • ZoomText USB Magnifier Screen Reader
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Product Description

With ZoomText USB, you can install and run ZoomText whenever and wherever you need to (with administrative privileges), without having to purchase additional licensing or activate each installation of the software. This makes ZoomText both convenient and inexpensive for both individuals and organizations, and faster to deploy in network environments. Once ZoomText has been installed on a system, ZoomText will automatically start up each time you plug in the USB drive – activated and ready to use.

Key Features: USB Edition

ZoomText USB delivers the powerful magnification and screen reading software on a flash drive that users can conveniently carry with them and use at any time.

ZoomText USB features include:

  • Access on any computer
    With ZoomText USB you can plug in and run ZoomText on any system without having to purchase additional licensing.
  • Portable and always within reach
    The ZoomText USB drive fits in your pocket or around your neck (on the included lanyard), so it’s always with you when you need it.
  • Easy to use
    Just plug in the ZoomText USB drive and ZoomText automatically starts up. If ZoomText is not installed, the friendly setup program is launched and you’ll be up and running in minutes.
  • Plug-and-Play license management
    Since the serial number is tied to the ZoomText USB drive, there are no serial numbers or license activations to worry about.
  • Take your settings with you
    Your personalized ZoomText configuration settings are saved to your USB drive and are automatically loaded each time you plug in and start ZoomText.
  • Single User and Multi User Pricing Options
    Choose the version best suited for you or your organization.

ZoomText USB Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does ZoomText USB have all of the same features as the CD-ROM version (aka “desktop version") of ZoomText?

Yes. ZoomText USB includes all of the same features and capabilities (including speech synthesizers) as the CD-ROM version of ZoomText, with the added convenience of a portable activation that you can use whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Do I have to install ZoomText to use ZoomText USB?

Yes. As with all professional quality screen magnifiers and screen readers some components must reside on the system, so an installation process is required before you can run ZoomText USB. Note: Administrative privileges are required to perform the ZoomText installation.

  • What happens if ZoomText 10 is already installed on the system?

If ZoomText 10 (or later 10.xx version) is already installed on the system, ZoomText will automatically start when you plug in the ZoomText USB drive.

  • What happens if an older or newer ZoomText product release is already installed on the system, for example 9.1 or 10.1 (future release)?

ZoomText 10 is designed to co-exist with older and newer ZoomText product releases. Therefore, your ZoomText 10 product will install and run normally, even if an older or newer ZoomText product is already on the system.

  • Where can I find my ZoomText USB product serial number?

After installing ZoomText, your product serial number will appear in ZoomText’s Program Info dialog box. To view this dialog box, in ZoomText’s menu bar, choose Help à About ZoomText and then select the Program Info tab. The serial number can also be found in the SerialNumber.txt file, located in the root directory of the ZoomText USB drive.

  • Do I have to plug in the ZoomText USB drive whenever I want to use ZoomText?

That depends. If you own a single-user version of ZoomText USB, you can activate ZoomText on up to three systems, eliminating the need to plug in the USB drive on the computers you use the most. Note: While the Software may be activated on up to three systems, use of the collective installations is restricted to one user at any given time. Simultaneous use by more than one user violates this license agreement.

  • How many machine activations come with ZoomText USB?

In addition to the portable activation contained on the ZoomText USB drive, single-user versions of the ZoomText USB include three machine activations. Machine activations are not provided with multi-user versions of ZoomText USB.

  • Can I use my ZoomText USB flash drive as a storage device for my personal files?

Yes. Your ZoomText USB drive contains approximately 400MB of free space that can be used to store your personal files. However, we urge you to use extreme caution when doing so as you run the risk of overwriting, deleting or damaging files required to install and run ZoomText. If you wish to use the available space for personal storage, we recommend creating a special folder in which to store your files.

  • Are the files on my ZoomText USB drive protected?

No. As with all writable storage devices, the files contained on the ZoomText USB drive may be overwritten - accidentally or intentionally. Therefore, we recommend that you backup your ZoomText USB drive before you begin using it as described in the “Backing Up Your ZoomText USB Drive” section of the guide.

  • Can the ZoomText USB drive be write protected?

No. While files and folders on the ZoomText USB drive can be flagged as read-only, this does not provide complete protection against accidental or intentional overwriting or deleting of files.

  • Should I make a backup of my ZoomText USB flash drive?

Yes. Ai Squared strongly advises that you backup your ZoomText USB drive. See “Backing Up Your ZoomText USB Drive” in the setup guide.

  • Can I make a usable copy of ZoomText USB on another USB flash drive?

No. While you could copy the contents of the ZoomText USB drive to another USB drive, it would not contain a usable license.

  • What should I do if I lose or break my ZoomText USB drive?

Contact Ai Squared or your ZoomText dealer to purchase a replacement or to request a replacement provided with your ZoomText USB Insurance Plan. Note: ZoomText USB Insurance Plans are only available when purchased with ZoomText USB.

  • Can I run ZoomText USB without administrative privileges?

Administrative privileges are required to install ZoomText onto the system. Once ZoomText is installed, administrative privileges are not required to run ZoomText.

  • What are “administrative privileges”?

Administrative privileges are the highest level of permission that can be granted to a computer user and are generally required to perform software installations and modify system level settings. In general, when you log into a computer that you own, you have administrative privileges. When logging into a computer that you do not own, such as your computer at work or school, you do not have administrative privileges.




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