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eClipseWare Screen Reader Support Info.

Here you will find useful links and information about eClipseReader Screen Reader configuration, related Technical Support Notes, and download links to scripts and set files


Title Details
JAWS Scripts Version 8 thru 10 JAWS scripts eClipseReader 4.0 with Web Browser Support
JAWS Scripts Version 6 and 7 JAWS scripts eClipseReader 4.0 with Web Browser Support
Window-Eyes Version 7 Scripts Window-Eyes Scripts, eClipseReader, eClipseWater, eClipseWriter with eClipseReader Web Browser Support
Technical Support Notes Description
Silent Mode Configuration A procedure on how to configure your screen reader to run in Silent Mode with eClipseReader
JAWS Script Installation JAWS scripts installation procedure and eClipseWare compatibility tips
Window-Eyes Set File Installation in development
Multi-Channel Sound Card Requirements Details about sound card issues and multi-channel sound card drivers.