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Library Getting Started

Welcome to the I.R.T.I. Talking Document Library where you can download and enjoy audio books, product manuals and tutorials, News Letters and more using our revolutionary audio book conversion tool - eClipseWater and reading tool - eClipseReader.

Here’s How It Works

The files available for download in IRTI's accessible media library are called DTB-DNATM and DTB-RDNATM ,  which are bi-products of eClipseWriter's DAISY book production process.   These tiny encrypted files can contain the text, graphics and audio included in a  book combined into a single transport file capable of transforming into over 30 formats of accessible media rendered with eClipseWater Professional. DTB-DNA and DTB-RDNA files can be downloaded using your favorite web browser, then opened with eClipseWater and converted into your choice of supported accessible media formats readable on a wide range of software and hardware devices.

Visitors to our web site may also access IRTI's document Library using eClipseReader's built-in Web Browser which is customize to interact with eClipseWater automating the download, conversion and reading process.   NOTE: When accessing the library in this manner both eClipseReader and eClipseWater must be installed on your computer.

eClipseReader and eClipseWater working in unison enable DAISY documents to magically appear on your PC ready to read and study by simply clicking on a web link.  You may save the daisy books on your PC, convert them to audio formats for portable playback or save them to eClipseReader's books library list.   Once saved in your books list eClipseReader will remember where they are anywhere on the internet or your local storage device making them easy to find for later review.

Screen Reader Compatibility

eClipseReader and eClipseWater include a built-in screen reader and a user interface designed for both Blind and sighted users.  Scripts and Set Files are available via download for Window-Eyes and JAWS (other screen readers soon to be supported) providing speech and Braille Display access when used with eClipseReader's Web Browser.   There is no need to learn new procedures and Hot-keys to surf the Web.   JAWS scripts and Window-Eyes set files enable eClipseReader's built-in screen reader, your favorite personal screen reader and DAISY book reading voices to become seamlessly integrated.  eClipseReader provides screen reading functions and feedback for book reading, study tools, quick links to IRTI's support Library and managing your favorite on-line library links, while your screen reader remains the primary tool to enabling accessible On-line Web Access.

IRTI Accessible Media Production Tools and Services

IRTI offers cost effective tools and services enabling any organization to create and distribute accessible media utilizing standard web deployment methods and low or no cost access for your clients or target audience.  Our mission is to increase the availability of accessible media world wide improving access to information for all people with reading differences.  


For more information contact IRTI at 1 800 322 4784 or 530 274 2090 or email us at: info@irti.net


You Are Ready to Begin

Step 1 Install eClipseReader-EyeNet and eClipseWater

Verify that your computer provides the necessary system requirements and then download and install eClipseReader.  Once installed, an Icon will appear on your desktop to conveniently run eClipseReader.

Step 2  Install Screen Reader Scripts

Go to IRTI's support page to download Scripts for JAWS and Window-Eyes

Screen Reader scripts integrate eClipseReader's Web Browser with your prefered screen reader.  When you open the browser, eClipseReader will stop speaking allowing your screen reader to take over web surfing while you look for a book to download.  Once downloaded and the book starts playing your screen reader will go silent while eClipseReader plays the daisy book.

Step 3 Run eClipseReader-EyeNet

Make sure you computer is connected to the internet and then launch eClipseReader-EyeNet.   If you are running eClipseReader for the first time, the Quick Orientation document will automatically open and start reading.  Please be sure to read the Quick Orientation prior to entering the Web Library.  Its a short 5 minute presentation.

STEP 4  Open the Web Browser and Select A Document.

Open eClipseReader's Web Browser by clicking on the Web Button in the tool bar or Open the Web Menu, Alt + W and select Home Page which is the first item in the Web Menu.   eClipseReader's Web Browser will open to IRTI's Support Library where your screen reader takes over voicing the information on IRTI's Library's home page. 

Use your TAB Key to navigate the library categories, books and document links.  To download and open a book simply select your desired book link with the Enter Key.  A message box will appear allowing you to start the or cancel the download.  The download and build process will complete in seconds for most documents  and will automatically open in eClipseReader and start reading as a DAISY book.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from IRTI's Talking Document Library!For additional information about Screen Reader Support, Product Upgrades, Manuals and Tech Support Notes visit IRTI's Support Page