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  • Handyholdr handle attached to back of tablet
  • Man laying on couch viewing tablet grasping Handyholdr handle
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Product Description

Handy Holdr attaches to your tablet to provide an easy to hold handle. With the Handy Holdr you will be able to comfortably hold your tablet while standing, sitting or lying down.


  • Super comfortable handle
  • Strong lightweight plastic (1.8 ounces)
  • Allows holding your tablet with one hand
  • Tablet sits on table at the perfect angle
  • Uses Velcro to securely attach handle to tablet
  • Easy to attach and remove handle


  1. Remove Velcro adhesive film
  2. Hold handle with bottom lying flat
  3. Hold tablet at same angle as Handy Holdr mount
  4. Move tablet toward Handy Holdr until back of tablet is joined
  5. Apply pressure to Handy Holdr to secure

Question and Answers:

Q: Why use Velcro, wouldn't a suction cup work better?
A: Suction cups let go after a certain amount of time and a tablet could easily fall to the ground and be damaged when that happens. Velcro stays secure indefinitely.

Q: Will the plastic deform if left in the hot sun?
A: No.

Customer Remarks

Handy Holdr is different and more practical than other tablet holders available on the market.

Holding a thin tablet is annoying for many reasons, chiefly that it really requires both hands. With the awkward shape and smooth surfaces, it takes two hands to pick it off a table and it's easy to drop. With the controls on the edges, it's easy to bump the volume to zero or power it off by accident. With the minimal bezel area, it's easy to click or scroll accidentally. It won't fit in the palm of one's hand, making it a hassle to click/type while carrying it, and the display auto-rotation can't make up its mind.

I had been using a triangle-type folding stand. That was basically good for only one use case: sitting it on a table and watching a video. Selecting a menu choice was likely to push it over. It was silly trying to carry it from room to room without folding it up. The corner straps overlapped the control buttons and were too much of a hassle to remove/install casually.

All of these minor but irritating problems go away with Handy Holdr. Handy Holdr is great for both viewing and interactive use, whether holding it, carrying it around or setting it solidly on a table, nightstand or bed at a good viewing angle. Just grab it in one hand, swivel it around with no chance of dropping it, and begin using it (without finding it to be upside-down).

I would recommend it mainly for household use, although with the velcro, it's easy enough to remove for transport.

Curt - Mountain View, California

The Handy Holdr has been a very practical and easy to use device. As a women with smaller hands, it was very hard for me to hold the sides of a tablet. The Handy Holdr is great for viewing in bed as well as on a table. I've tried other holders and none of them compare to the Handy Holdr for comfort and ease of use.

Mary - Sunnyvale, California

I am really impressed with this simple little device. Not sure how he figured out the correct ergos but it fits my hand perfectly. I like how you can even release your grip and it just balances perfectly in the web of you hand. no need to make adjustments when putting the ipad horizontal or vertical seems to work either way. i can even rest the ipad now on my big fat belly while laying in bed and it just sits there at a perfect angle where i can still watch a movie. For a really simple device it works flawlessly.

Bill - Boulder Creek, California

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