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This page contains the eClipseWare line of products developed by IRTI.  We specialize in talking book technology including: DAISY talking book readers, audio book publishing, document conversion software and services, scan and read text-to-speech machines, print magnification and electronic entertainment systems.  

  • eClipseMedia-Server-Talking DVD Player and Internet Radio
    $59.95 $49.95 Choose Options eClipseMedia-Server PC Software
     eClipseMedia-Server Accessible Home Theater   Windows 10 Compatible!  This self-voicing software applicaiton is everything you need to convert a PC into an accessible Home Theater Entertainment Center...
  • eClipseWater-Pro Upgrade
    $29.00 eClipseWater-Pro Upgrade
    eClipseWater-Pro Upgrade A free download utility from IRTI used to convert DTB-DNA files produced by eClipseWriter Pro into various Daisy book standards. Upgrade the free version of eClipseWater to support MP3 codec...
  • eClipseWriter Personal Edition
    $89.95 $79.95 Choose Options eClipseWriter Personal Edition
    eClipseWriter Personal Edition includes Talking Word Processing, Daisy book conversion , IRTI's powerful automated Save As Daisy wizard.  Open and read and write: MS Word, DocX, RTF HTML, XML and open and read...
  • IRTI Talking CD Burner
    $34.95 $29.95 Choose Options IRTI Talking CD Burner
    IRTI Talking CD Burner TU-CD Burner is a simple self-voicing CD burner application perfect for quick data backup to CD or DVD, ripping Audio CD to WAV, and includes a Full and Quick erase function for CDRWs.  Designed...
  • IRTI's eClipseReader-EyeNet
    $49.95 $39.95 Choose Options IRTI's eClipseReader-EyeNet
    Daisy reader Supporting open source Daisy media, Bookshare.org, NFB NewsLine and Media created with eClipseWriter. Has built in Web Browser to assist in downloading daisy books from the web. XP, Vista and Windows...