Innovative Rehabilitation Technology, Inc.
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Company Profile

For over forty years, Innovative Rehabilitation Technology Inc. (IRTI) has provided high tech innovations to the Blind, Low Vision, and individuals with learning differences. IRTI specializes in the development of reading, playback, publishing and web distribution tools for daisy talking books, scan and read, magnification and accessible electronic entertainment systems.

Our Mission

All our products are for helping those who have a vision or print disability to improve their lives, succeed in school, find a job, keep a job, or get a better one.

IRTIs most notable achievement is the introduction of its cassette publication called "Technical Innovations Bulletin" (TIB) in June of 1981.  This cassette bulletin provides information on current technologies for disabled persons which can impact employment and personal life style.  The Technical Innovations Bulletin is now available on the world wide web delivered via IRTIs revolutionary Print-To-Audio Services and eClipseReader-EyeNet.  Visit IRTIs talking document library to get your free copy of the TIB.

About IRTIs Founder

Vito A. Proscia, Founder of IRTI, has over a half century experience in developing and evaluating products for the visually impaired and blind.  Vito Proscia started as a professional electronics engineer in the aerospace industry, was appointed Director of the Sensory Aids Evaluation and Development Center at MIT, became Vice President of Marketing at Telesensory Corp. early in the 70s, a founder of Optacon Fund (Sensory Access Foundation), and a Trustee of National Braille Press.  This experience is the basis upon which IRTI has been established.

Founded in 1979 our mission was to locate low cost consumer electronic devices and through accessible documentation or modification enabled these tools for use by the blind and low vision. Vito felt there was a great need for this service, which would reduce the cost of assistive technology for people with disabilities.

In 1984 IRTI entered the World of Talking Book Devices.
IRTI was the first company to modify a SONY® Walkman to play Library of Congress format (NLS) talking books for the blind. For the first time talking books for the blind were a portable means of reading and writing. Blind students were now able to read talking books anywhere and take notes with the Walkman by recording to tape.

What is IRTI Doing Today?


IRTI is a computer systems integrator and reseller of a wide range of assistive technology for the blind, low vision and individuals with learning differences.  Our line of products include accessible computers and peripherals, screen reading, magnification, voice recognition and OCR software, electronic magnifiers, audio players and recorders, digital book players, talking clocks, watches and appliances, as well as general consumer electronics.  Our services include skilled technical support, electronics repair, client evaluations, and training services.

IRTI specializes in the development of reading, playback, publishing and distribution technology for Daisy digital talking books, Text-To-Speech, optical character recognition and magnification systems.