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Baiille Translation Tools, Refreshable Electronic Braille Displays, Embossers, Braille Input

  • Smart Beetle held in one hand
    $995.00 $695.00 Smart Beetle Demo Unit
    Smart Beetle Ultra-Portable 14-Cell Braille Display with 5 Simultaneous Bluetooth Connections.Smart Beetle is a 14-cell Braille display that brings the world to your fingertips. It’s the lightest, most portable...
  • Braille Labeler
    $49.95 $34.95 Braille Labeler
    The Reizen RL-350 Braille Labeler provides you with a lightweight, portable Braille Labeler that is a must for work, school or home. Use it to label everything: your files, records, DVD's, credit cards, business cards, name,...
  • Seiko Braille Watches
    $159.00 Seiko Braille Watches
    Seiko Braille Watches Seiko Braille watches are high quality backed by a 3 year factory warranty. Stainless-Steel, water resistant to 99 feet, 6 O’clock opening with safety clasp. Leather strap. Available in...
  • Duxbury Braille Translator For Windows
    $695.00 Duxbury Braille Translator Software
    Duxbury is the industry standard when it comes to data conversion in the Braille format. This PC software applications converts a wide range of documents to the Braille format and prints direct to all major Braille printers...